Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Etsy Texas Crafters March Design Challenge

Just an update as of today there are now 7 entires almost tied for 1st place... so please help us vote! Check out the entries below and click on the link at the bottom!

This week Etsy Texas Crafters (ETC) is having thier design challenge and I have decided to give away a prize.
Earlier today we had a 4 way tie, and one more entry 1 vote behind!

So today we will keep this super short and sweet!

Please vote!

Here are all of the entries :

CradleAndAll.etsy.com - Color on the Wall Day
CradleAndAll.etsy.com - Day of Rest
CradleAndAll.etsy.com - Favorite Letter Day
CrowFireCreations.etsy.com - National Cat Day
DeathlyCute.etsy.com - Guilt Free Cake Day
DeathlyCute.etsy.com - No Pain Day
ItsMeCheri.etsy.com - I Care Day
ItsMeCheri.etsy.com - No Cold Feet Day
ItsMeCheri.etsy.com - No Cooties Day
Jinxydv8.etsy.com - Wear Your Recyclables Day
LavederLadybug.etsy.com - Spicy Day
LavenderLizard.etsy.com - Green Day
LavenderLizard.etsy.com - Wear Flowers Day
LocoBead.etsy.com - Jimi Hendrix Day
Magdalune.etsy.com - We All Scream for Ice Cream Day
MegEnergy.etsy.com - Nature Day
TheHayPatch.etsy.com - Mamas DO Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys Day

Want to know more about these awesome new holidays????Then check them out on our website....and while you're there, take an extra moment or two and let us know your favorite!

Holiday Descriptions, Photos, & Voting Link:http://etsytx.ning.com/page/march-design-challenge-poll

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  1. Go Texans! This is a really good writeup on the ETC Make your Own Holiday Challenge. I can't wait to see who wins.